Giant panda gives birth at US National Zoo

A giant panda gave birth to a cub at the US National Zoo, raising hopes for a rare success after a series of false pregnancies and a death.

Researchers discover species-recognition system in fruit flies

A team led by UC San Francisco researchers has discovered a sensory system in the foreleg of the fruit fly that tells male flies whether a potential mate is from a different species. The work addresses a central problem in ...

Lady flies can decide who will father their young

Females in the animal kingdom have many methods available to them to help bias male paternity. One such process is displayed by Euxesta bilimeki, a species of Ulidiid fly, whose females expel and then consume male ejaculate ...

In birds, masters of illusion are lucky in love

Many male birds use their flashy colored feathers to lure females, but the great bowerbird of Australia has mastered the art of illusion to captivate the ladies, researchers said Thursday.