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Existence of lunar lava tube cave demonstrated

The presence of conduits below the lunar surface has been theorized and extensively debated for at least 50 years. Now, an analysis of NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter radar data reveals what lies below the Mare Tranquillitatis.

Gateway: The first lunar space station

An interplay of light and shadows cast the docking ports for Gateway, humanity's first space station around the moon, into sharp relief.

A handy attachment could make lunar construction a breeze

Moving large amounts of regolith is a requirement for any long-term mission to the moon or Mars. But so far, humanity has only sent systems capable of moving small amounts of soil at a time—primarily for sample collection. ...

Robotic rover could support astronauts on moonwalks

Robotic companions are a mainstay of sci-fi series everywhere. From R2D2 to Johnny 5, these characters typically have a supporting role in the story and are helpful to their human companions. But what if they were integral ...

NASA shares two new Moon to Mars architecture white papers

NASA has released two white papers associated with the agency's Moon to Mars architecture efforts. The papers, one on lunar mobility drivers and needs, and one on lunar surface cargo, detail NASA's latest thinking on specific ...

Moon 'swirls' could be magnetized by unseen magmas

Lunar swirls are light-colored, sinuous features on the moon's surface, bright enough to be visible from a backyard telescope. Some people think they look like the brushstrokes in an abstract painting. But these are not mere ...

The space bricks have landed

ESA scientists have been exploring how a future moon base might be built from materials on the lunar surface. Inspired by LEGO building, they have used dust from a meteorite to 3D-print "space bricks" to test the idea. ESA's ...

Do protons decay? The answer might be on the moon

Does proton decay exist and how do we search for it? This is what a recently submitted study to the arXiv preprint server hopes to address as a team of international researchers investigate a concept of using samples from ...

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Lunar surface

The lunar surface (or the surface of the moon) differs greatly from that of Earth. Different topography exists and soil composition and properties differ. Environmental factors affect the lunar surface.[citation needed]

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