Graphene gets enhanced by flashing

Flashing graphene into existence from waste was merely a good start. Now Rice University researchers are customizing it.

Taming the sun with computer simulations

Clean and limitless energy supply can be provided by creating the process powering the sun called nuclear fusion. Recreating the sun on Earth has been proven to be immensely complex and challenging. Ray Chandra investigated ...

Tracking pileups on battery charging route to drive performance

Because of their high storage capacity, metal oxides are a promising class of potential conversion-type electrode materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries. Conversion-type electrode materials undergo conversion ...

Scientists to take a new step in microelectronics' development

Researchers at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) developed a new approach to determine the best electrode materials composition for solid-state lithium-ion batteries. The results of the study were ...

How 'Iron Man' bacteria could help protect the environment

When Michigan State University's Gemma Reguera first proposed her new research project to the National Science Foundation, one grant reviewer responded that the idea was not "environmentally relevant."

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