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Japanese space debris inspection probe launched

A Japanese firm said Monday it had successfully launched a spacecraft tasked with inspecting potentially dangerous man-made junk floating around the Earth.

Beam me up: Using lasers to detect moth migrations

The year is 1941. The British military is installing new-age radar systems to detect German aircraft bound for Great Britain, intent on destruction. Fast forward to 2024. Researchers at North Carolina State University are ...

How could laser-driven lightsails remain stable?

It's a long way to the nearest star, which means conventional rockets won't get us there. The fuel requirements would make our ship prohibitively heavy. So an alternative is to travel light. Literally. Rather than carrying ...

Gravitational wave, Venus missions get European green light

The European Space Agency gave the green light to two missions on Thursday, one to detect ripples in spacetime called gravitational waves and another to probe the secrets of Earth's closest neighboring planet Venus.

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