Three Chinese astronauts return safely to Earth

Three Chinese astronauts working at the country's space station have returned safely to Earth, state media reported Sunday, hailing the mission as a "complete success".

NASA's Mars helicopter went silent for six agonizing days

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars has exceeded everyone's expectations, recently completing its 51st flight when it was supposed to fly just a few times as a demonstration mission. But flights 50 and 51 almost didn't happen.

NASA's LRO views impact site of HAKUTO-R mission 1 moon lander

The ispace HAKUTO-R Mission 1 lunar lander was launched on Dec. 11, 2022, a privately funded spacecraft planned to land on the lunar surface. After a several-month journey to the moon, the spacecraft started a controlled ...

Fly around Jezero Crater on Mars in this new video

There's a reason Jezero Crater was chosen as the landing site for the Perseverance Rover: it is considered one of the likeliest places to find any evidence if Mars was ever habitable for long periods of time. In this great ...

Complex subsurface of Mars imaged by Chinese rover Zhurong

Ground-penetrating radar from China's Martian rover Zhurong reveals shallow impact craters and other geologic structures in the top five meters of the Red Planet's surface. The images of the Martian subsurface are presented ...

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