NASA's Aqua Satellite spots Typhoon Hato's Landfall in China

NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Typhoon Hato just hours after it made landfall in southeastern China. Hato made landfall in mainland China around 0300 UTC on Aug. 23 (11 p.m. EDT on Aug. 22). China's weather service reported ...

Tropical Storm Odile targets US-Mexico border states

Tropical Storm Odile headed for a new landfall in northwestern Mexico on Wednesday after leaving a trail of destruction in beach resorts, requiring tourists to be airlifted to safety.

Tropical Storm Dolly forms, threatens Mexico

Tropical Storm Dolly formed off Mexico's northeastern coast on Tuesday and headed toward landfall in Tamaulipas state, threatening to spark floods and mudslides, forecasters said.

NASA satellites see Cyclone 03A make landfall in Somalia

Tropical Cyclone 03A made landfall in Somalia and moved inland where it is dissipating over eastern Ethiopia today, Nov. 12. NASA's Aqua, Terra and TRMM satellites passed over the cyclone an captured images of 03A before ...

China issues highest alert for Typhoon Fitow

China was on its highest alert for Typhoon Fitow Sunday, with tens of thousands evacuated as the storm was set to slam into the east coast as early as Sunday night.

NASA sees Typhoon Pabuk's veiled eye

NASA's Aqua satellite orbit around the Earth took it right over Typhoon Pabuk and the image showed an eye veiled with some high clouds.

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