Tropical Storm Odile targets US-Mexico border states

Tropical Storm Odile headed for a new landfall in northwestern Mexico on Wednesday after leaving a trail of destruction in beach resorts, requiring tourists to be airlifted to safety.

Tropical Storm Dolly forms, threatens Mexico

Tropical Storm Dolly formed off Mexico's northeastern coast on Tuesday and headed toward landfall in Tamaulipas state, threatening to spark floods and mudslides, forecasters said.

Satellite sees Tropical Cyclone 11P headed for Queensland

The NASA-NOAA Satellite known as Suomi NPP flew over newborn Tropical Cyclone 11P in the Coral Sea and captured a visible image of the newly developed storm as it moves toward a landfall in Queensland, Australia. Tropical ...

Tropical Cyclone 04B forms in northern Indian Ocean

The fourth tropical cyclone of the Northern Indian Ocean season formed and is headed for landfall in a couple of days in southeastern India. NASA's TRMM satellite saw broken bands of thunderstorms with moderate rainfall in ...

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