What's Pi Day all about? Math, science, pies and more

Math enthusiasts around the world, from college kids to rocket scientists, celebrate Pi Day on Thursday, which is March 14 or 3/14—the first three digits of an infinite number with many practical uses.

Q&A: Expert explains the 'physics of AI'

The development of a new theory is typically associated with the greats of physics. You might think of Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, for example. Many Nobel Prizes have already been awarded for new theories.

Gravity and dark matter, a bond beyond distances

Isaac Newton formulated his theory of gravity as an action at a distance: a planet instantly feels the influence of another celestial body, no matter the distance between them. This characteristic motivated Albert Einstein ...

Non-inertial torques and the Euler equation

Classical mechanics is the framework for studying motion of objects under the influence of forces. Its domain of applicability is limited to the macroscopic world (i.e., not applicable in the atomic/subatomic world) and to ...

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