Teachers, pedagogical skills, and the obstacle of intuition

When a task calls for intuitive knowledge, as in "subtracting means taking something away," its complexity often goes unnoticed. However, when intuitions are not mobilized – having to grasp, for instance, that subtracting ...

AI wins as Google algorithm beats No. 1 Go player (Update)

Google's computer algorithm AlphaGo narrowly beat the world's top-ranked player in the ancient Chinese board game of Go on Tuesday, reaffirming the arrival of what its developers tout as a ground-breaking new form of artificial ...

Parents' math skills 'rub off' on their children

Parents who excel at math produce children who excel at math. This is according to a recently released University of Pittsburgh study, which shows a distinct transfer of math skills from parent to child. The study specifically ...

Google, Apple settle high-tech workers' lawsuit (Update 2)

Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe Systems have settled a class-action lawsuit alleging they conspired to prevent their engineers and other highly sought technology workers from getting better job offers from one another.

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