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Disentangling nature's contributions to international trade

Researchers have developed a multistep process to quantify the dependency of international trade and nature's contributions to people. With their new approach, which has been published in People and Nature, the researchers ...

Why we need a moratorium on eel fishing

All 19 species of Anguillid eels migrate from the sea, where they are born, to the freshwater systems in which they grow. After a period of up to 20 years, they reach maturity and return to the sea to breed and die.

American Eel as an emerging consumer target

Research led by Hiromi Shiraishi, a researcher at Chuo University, indicated a steep rise in the importation of American Eel (Anguilla rostrata) live fry to East Asia for aquaculture purposes. This surge poses a potential ...

Overcoming the climate crisis with trade-based strategies

Global warming is making weather patterns more extreme and increasing inequalities across regions. However, economic growth is still possible, with economies showing a range of responses to the impacts of global heating.

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