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Genetics research verifies purity of the Mexican wolf

In October 2015, two small minnows in the Lower Colorado River Basin—the headwater chub and the roundtail chub—were proposed for listing as threatened species under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. In April 2017, that ...

dateJun 21, 2018 in Ecology
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Agency considers dropping wolf protections

The federal government is considering another attempt to drop legal protections for gray wolves across the lower 48 states, reopening a lengthy battle over the predator species.

dateJun 14, 2018 in Ecology
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Mountain gorilla numbers climb upwards

Results from a two-year survey in the transboundary Virunga Massif, one of the two remaining habitats of the mountain gorilla, show numbers of the critically endangered species are on the rise.

dateJun 06, 2018 in Ecology
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