Report lays bare Australia's 'sobering' climate challenge

Rising temperatures are fuelling widespread environmental degradation across Australia and supercharging natural disasters, according to a government report released Wednesday in the wake of flash floods on the country's ...

Developing the next generation of artificial vision aids

A new technology solution which will provide low-power systems for use in bionic eyes, has been jointly developed by academics from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China and Northumbria University.

Multi-university center aims to minimize mine tailings risk

As the global demand for minerals and metals continues to grow, so too does the proliferation of mine tailings—the waste materials left over when mining is complete. Tailings storage facilities, which typically remain long ...

Jamaica: a scientist in search of lost ganja

A supreme ganja, smoked by Rastas and even Bob Marley himself in the 1970s? This pipe dream of every self-respecting ganja aficionado is becoming reality again thanks to the horticultural talents of a scientist in Jamaica.

Microbiologist discovers antibacterial properties of insect wings

When Elena Ivanova travelled from Russia to Australia in January 2001, she brought with her an international reputation, an impressive publishing record and her unique collection of marine bacteria, amassed over almost two ...

Irish opposition attacks Apple ruling appeal

Ireland's opposition on Wednesday lashed out at a cabinet decision to appeal the EU's Apple ruling amid public support for the European Commission order to collect back taxes from the US tech giant.

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