What to do when cutting emissions alone is no longer enough

Global emissions reach about 40 billion tons each year. Such a massive number can be hard to conceptualize, but chemical engineer Jennifer Wilcox offers some context: Approximately 10 billion of these come from the transportation ...

The physics of extracting gas from shale formations

Extracting gas from new sources is vital in order to supplement dwindling conventional supplies. Shale reservoirs host gas trapped in the pores of mudstone, which consists of a mixture of silt mineral particles ranging from ...

Carbon fibres from 'green' precursors and optimized processes

Smart materials reply on composite components to offer the range of desired properties, yet in some ways current manufacturing processes have not developed since the late 1960s. The FIBRALSPEC project sought to bring these ...

Music firms sue to keep hit songs off fitness streaming app

Some of the nation's largest recording studios have joined forces in an effort to stop a music streaming service aimed at fitness enthusiasts from using songs by Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Green Day and other stars.

Nanomaterial risk profiling puts safety first

With uncertainty around the risks of nanomaterials hampering the EU's innovative potential, researchers are working on a safety concept to better monitor this emerging technology.

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