What coffee with cream can teach us about quantum physics

Add a dash of creamer to your morning coffee, and clouds of white liquid will swirl around your cup. But give it a few seconds, and those swirls will disappear, leaving you with an ordinary mug of brown liquid.

Video: Annual global ice loss simulated over Oslo

Satellites play a vital role in monitoring the rapid changes taking place in the Arctic. Tracking ice lost from the world's glaciers, ice sheets and frozen land shows that Earth is losing ice at an accelerating rate.

No 'second law of entanglement' after all, claims study

The second law of thermodynamics is often considered to be one of only a few physical laws that is absolutely and unquestionably true. The law states that the amount of 'entropy'—a physical property—of any closed system ...

Exploring the surface melting of colloidal glass

In 1842, the famous British researcher Michael Faraday made an amazing observation by chance: A thin layer of water forms on the surface of ice, even though it is well below zero degrees. The temperature is below the melting ...

Magnetic spins that 'freeze' when heated

Physicists observed a strange new type of behavior in a magnetic material when it's heated up. The magnetic spins "freeze" into a static pattern when the temperature rises, a phenomenon that normally occurs when the temperature ...

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