Sea-level rise will have complex consequences: study

Rising sea levels will affect coasts and human societies in complex and unpredictable ways, according to a new study that examined 12,000 years in which a large island became a cluster of smaller ones.

Species 'pushed out of the tropics' by climate change

The world's tropical regions are home to the widest range of plants and animals, but research from The University of Queensland reveals that climate change is pushing species away, and fast.

Scientists discover a social cue of safety

For schools of fish, herds of antelope, and even human societies, inherent safety is one of many advantages of cooperative groups. Surrounded by their peers, individuals can lower their vigilance and calmly engage in other ...

Micro- and nanoplastics detectable in human tissues

Plastic pollution of land, water and air is a global problem. Even when plastic bags or water bottles break down to the point at which they are no longer an eyesore, tiny fragments can still contaminate the environment. Animals ...

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