Climate change threatens cereal crop yields: Study

The effects of climate change pose a major challenge for cereal production in many regions. In a study published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, ZALF scientists have investigated how warmer temperatures, increased ...

Greenhouse gases hit record high in 2022: UN

Greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere hit new record highs in 2022, with no end in sight to the rising trend, the United Nations warned Wednesday.

Glaciers can give us clues about when a volcano might erupt

Globally, there is about one volcano erupting each week. Volcanic unrest kills an average of 500 people every year and costs the global economy roughly US$7 billion (£5.7 billion). With one in 20 people living somewhere ...

Climate change is making debt more expensive—new study

Earth is overheating due to the greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels. This is "the biggest market failure the world has seen" according to economist Nicholas Stern. The rational behavior of companies that pollute ...

How larger body sizes helped the colonizers of New Zealand

For the first time, researchers have developed a model to estimate how much energy the original colonizers of New Zealand expended to maintain their body temperatures on the cold, harrowing ocean journey from Southeast Asia.

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