Measuring periodical cicadas' chorus with fiber optic cables

Hung from a common utility pole, a fiber optic cable—the kind bringing high-speed internet to more and more American households—can be turned into a sensor to detect temperature changes, vibrations, and even sound, through ...

Satellite data can help limit the dangers of windblown dust

Interstate 10, an artery that cuts through the rural drylands of southern New Mexico, is one of the country's deadliest roadways. On one stretch of the highway, just north of a dry lakebed called Lordsburg Playa, fatal collisions ...

Blink and you'll miss these plants shooting their seeds

If you happened upon a witch hazel plant in the forest, you might describe it as a sweet-smelling shrub with crinkly ribbon-like petals. But to Duke University graduate student Justin Jorge, it's a howitzer.

Researchers visualize novel catalyst at work

A novel catalysis scheme enables chemical reactions that were previously virtually impossible. A method developed at the University of Bonn is also environmentally friendly and does not require rare and precious metals.

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