Targeted pest control with RNA spray

Protecting plants efficiently against pests without harming other organisms—this is the objective of the joint research project ViVe_Beet, which is coordinated by the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI). Scientists from the JKI ...

Superconducting nanowires detect single protein ions

An international research team led by quantum physicist Markus Arndt (University of Vienna) has achieved a breakthrough in the detection of protein ions: Due to their high energy sensitivity, superconducting nanowire detectors ...

Room-temperature superconductor study retracted by Nature

A study published in March claiming the discovery of a superconductor that works at room temperature—a scientific holy grail—has been retracted by the high-profile journal Nature at the request of most of its authors.

Scientists assemble first semi-wild-type melon T2T genome

Melon (Cucumis melo L.) is an important vegetable crop that has an extensive history of cultivation, and has been classified into two subspecies, C. melo ssp. agrestis and C. melo ssp. melo.

Researchers discover tin hydride with properties of strange metal

Scientists from Skoltech, the Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, and the Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research (HPSTAR) in Beijing, China, are exploring the superconductivity of polyhydrides—compounds ...

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