Chemists solve persistent problem after four decades

After almost four decades, Leiden and Eindhoven chemists have resolved the discussion about the correct model regarding the simplest chemical reaction in heterogeneous catalysis, which is essential for fuel cells. Using a ...

Breakthrough in harnessing the power of biological catalysts

The power of nature could soon be used to create day-to-day materials such as paints, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in a much more environmentally friendly way, thanks to a new breakthrough from scientists.

New synthetic technology for medicines and fine chemicals

A University of Tokyo research group has succeeded in synthesizing (R)- and (S)-rolipram, the active component of a medicine, in high yield with high selectivity by an innovative catalyzed flow fine synthesis instead of the ...

Team synthesizes a new polyoxometalate-based metal-organic complex

A research team has synthesized a new polyoxometalate-based metal-organic complex that they then tested as a catalyst for the oxidation reactions of various sulfides. They found that the complex possesses excellent catalytic ...

A thin-skinned catalyst for chemical reactions

A chemical nanostructure developed by Boston College researchers behaves much like the pores of the skin, serving as a precise control for a typically stubborn method of catalysis that is the workhorse of industrial chemistry.

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