Scientists map loss of groundwater storage around the world

Global water resources are stretched by climate change and human population growth, and farms and cities are increasingly turning to groundwater to fill their needs. Unfortunately, the pumping of groundwater can cause the ...

Speeding up creation of quantum entanglement

A team of researchers has found a way to speed up the creation of quantum entanglement, a mystifying property of quantum mechanics that Albert Einstein once described as "spooky action at a distance."

Ringing protons give insight into early universe

In the middle of the last century, physicists found that protons can resonate, much like a ringing bell. Advances over the last three decades have led to 3D pictures of the proton and significant insight into its structure ...

An even closer look at the 'doubly magic' tin-100 nucleus

In a new paper published in Physical Review Letters, researchers working at CERN's ISOLDE facility describe how an upgrade to the ISOLTRAP experiment has allowed them to determine the energy necessary to bring the atomic ...

India launches cut-price mission to land on Moon

India launched a rocket on Friday carrying an unmanned spacecraft to land on the Moon, its second attempt to do so as its cut-price space program seeks to reach new heights.

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