Global changes in wetlands help clarify the decline of shorebirds

Over a half of all shorebird populations—sandpipers, plovers, avocets, oystercatchers, among others—are currently declining, according to scientific publications and reports of several Environmental NGOs, such as BirdLife ...

La Nina climate cycle could last into 2023: UN

The weather phenomenon La Nina, which has affected global temperatures and worsened drought and flooding, will likely continue for months, and possibly even into 2023, the UN warned Friday.

Research finds most effective influencer marketing tactics

A YouTube personality takes a break from chatting about video games to talk about a web hosting service. An Instagram account devoted to beauty spotlights a new haircare product. A TikToker shouts out a fast-food sandwich ...

Are new carbon sinks appearing in the Arctic?

In 2018, an international research group bored for soil samples in three sites around the Isfjorden fjord in Svalbard, which is part of Norway. The same phenomenon was seen at each boring site: mineral soil covered by a thin ...

Since Paris deal, climate catastrophes mount

Record-smashing Antarctic heatwaves, melting glaciers, wave after wave of drought and wildfire, and an unending string of megastorms: since the 2015 Paris deal the deadly effects of climate change have been ever more visible.

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