Dreaming the impossible dream: the 1.5C climate target

In the realm of climate diplomacy, it's the little engine that could, the 80-to-1-odds Kentucky Derby winner, the low-budget multiverse fantasy that came out of nowhere to sweep the Oscars.

The challenge of sustainable supply chains

Modern production is global, and globalization persists through pandemics, war, xenophobia, and trade wars. It persists because global supply chains enhance product quality while reducing costs. Globalization continues because ...

At COP15, businesses urged to act for nature

Widely blamed for ravaging Earth's ecosystems, big businesses are nevertheless being turned to as key players in a deal to save nature at the COP15 biodiversity conference.

New study describes how employee opinion impacts CEO dismissal

Corporate governance decisions, like CEO dismissal, can disrupt organizations. As a result, the board of directors treads with caution while making such decisions. Previous research suggests that boards rely on factors like ...

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