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Researchers improve semiconductor laser on silicon

Electrical engineering researchers have boosted the operating temperature of a promising new semiconductor laser on silicon substrate, moving it one step closer to possible commercial application.

Crystal with a twist: scientists grow spiraling new material

With a simple twist of the fingers, one can create a beautiful spiral from a deck of cards. In the same way, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have ...

Innovative method enables new view into Earth's interior

An innovative X-ray method enables new high-pressure investigations of samples under deep mantle conditions. The technique, which was developed by a team led by Georg Spiekermann from DESY, the German Research Centre for ...

New electron glasses sharpen our view of atomic-scale features

What if we could make a powerful scientific tool even better? Atom probe tomography (APT) is a powerful way of measuring interfaces on a scale comparable to the distance between atoms in solids. It also has a chemical sensitivity ...

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