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How wild is the Bengal cat genome?

If you're wondering who holds the title of domestic cat royalty, look no further than the stunning Bengal breed. They take the prize for the most popular breed in The International Cat Association (TICA) registry due to their ...

An evolutionary mystery 125 million years in the making

Plant genomics has come a long way since Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) helped sequence the first plant genome. But engineering the perfect crop is still, in many ways, a game of chance. Making the same DNA mutation ...

Scientists discover 'jumping genes' determine cabbage's exterior

The genetic differences between pointed cabbage and cauliflower are greater than those between humans and chimpanzees. Nevertheless, they are considered the same species. Researchers from Wageningen and China mapped the extensive ...

Tiny worms are helping scientists better understand fertility

Studying sex from just the male perspective misses half the experience. But much of what we know about the origins of reproductive cells comes from looking at sperm and egg formation separately—or only focusing on sperm.

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