What makes a 'good farmer' in Aotearoa?

In New Zealand, farmers and the largely urban general public are held to have differing views on what is meant by being a "good farmer." Anecdotally, farmers see themselves as stewards of the land for future generations, ...

Climate change is a human rights issue

In April, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favor of a group of seniors who alleged that the Swiss government's failure to meet climate change mitigation targets is having an adverse impact on their health, well-being ...

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Generation (from the Latin generāre, meaning "to beget"), also known as procreation in biological sciences, is the act of producing offspring. In a more general sense, it can also refer to the act of creating something inanimate such as ideas, sound, electrical generation using technology or cryptographic code generation.

A generation can refer to stages of successive improvement in the development of a technology such as the internal combustion engine, or successive iterations of products with planned obsolescence, such as video game consoles or mobile phones.

In biology, the process by which populations of organisms pass on advantageous traits from generation to generation is known as evolution.

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