New Australian fossil lizard

Some of Australia's most famous animals—wombat, platypus, kangaroos and the extinct marsupial tiger thylacine—have been traced back to their fossil ancestors in remarkable finds in central South Australia.

Researchers advance simple and inexpensive diagnostic blood test

In diagnostic medicine, biopsies, where a sample of tissue is extracted for analysis, is a common tool for the detection of many conditions. But this approach has several drawbacks—it can be painful, doesn't always extract ...

Researchers capture roaming molecular fragments in real time

The observation of a chemical reaction at the molecular level in real time is a central theme in experimental chemical physics. An international research team has captured roaming molecular fragments for the first time. The ...

New research traces the origins of trench fever

First observed among British Expeditionary Forces in 1915, trench fever sickened an estimated 500,000 soldiers during World War I. Since then, the disease has become synonymous with the battlefield. But now, new research ...

The northern quoll: An amazingly versatile survivor?

The northern quoll, one of Australia's most adorable and endangered native carnivores, appears to be adapted to dramatically different landscapes—which may be key to the species' survival.

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