Rockefeller's $105M plan to produce climate-friendly food

The pandemic sent global hunger soaring, but now the war in Ukraine is making the problem far worse. Since Russia and Ukraine together supply 30% of global wheat exports, a big chunk of the world is losing access to food.

We must fix food systems to tackle climate change

Food and climate change are often treated as separate issues, but conservative estimates suggest that changing the way we produce and consume food could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10.3 billion tons ...

Plant scientists use new tools for better food crops

With millions facing hunger around the world, Flinders University researchers are looking into novel properties of edible plants which could enhance future food crop production.

Tiny worms make complex decisions, too

How does an animal make decisions? Scientists have spent decades trying to answer this question by focusing on the cells and connections of the brain that might be involved. Salk scientists are taking a different approach—analyzing ...

New models needed for food system transformation

According to a paper titled "Enacting theories of change for food systems transformation under climate change," published in Global Food Security, food systems are responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions ...

Implementing sustainable nitrogen use in smallholder rice

Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems has published the results of a "mini-review" examining 46 peer-reviewed studies that compared site-specific nutrient management (SSNM) approaches for rice against existing farmer fertilization ...

Report points way to a more resilient UK food system

Government, the food industry, financial investors, charities and researchers all have a key role to play in securing the food system into the future—according to the results of a five-year research program.

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