Flash floods sweep away houses, cars in Australian town

Entire buildings have been ripped from their foundations after flash floods swamped a small Australian town, with disaster management officials on Wednesday describing the deluge as a destructive "wall of water".

What is a flash drought? An Earth scientist explains

Many people are familiar with flash floods—torrents that develop quickly after heavy rainfall. But there's also such a thing as a flash drought, and these sudden, extreme dry spells are becoming a big concern for farmers ...

Hurricane Lisa menaces Central America

The northern part of Central America was on high alert Wednesday for the passage of Hurricane Lisa, with warnings of devastating winds, downpours and flash floods also affecting Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

At least 67 killed as storm lashes southern Philippines

Landslides and flooding in the southern Philippines killed at least 67 people on Friday, according to an official tally, with rescuers racing to save residents of a mountain village that was buried in mud.

Four feared dead after typhoon hits Japan

Two people were confirmed dead and another two were found "without vital signs" after Typhoon Nanmadol slammed into Japan over the weekend, a government spokesman said Tuesday.

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