Wildfire's impact on water quality

A wildfire's path of destruction is not limited to things that burn—water is at risk too. When fires jump from forests and grasslands to urban areas, they incinerate household and industrial items such as computers and ...

Researchers develop a gel-like fluid to prevent wildfires

A preventive treatment developed by Stanford researchers could greatly reduce the incidence and severity of wildfires. The approach, outlined Sept. 30 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, involves an environmentally ...

Siberia wildfire toll rises to 34

Raging wildfires in recent weeks killed 34 people, the emergencies minister said Tuesday in a new toll as President Vladimir Putin visited the stricken region.

Solar energy for sensor nodes

Tiny solar cells applied directly to a silicon chip are a potential way of efficiently and reliably powering wireless sensor networks in the future. Above all, this would simplify large-scale applications, for instance in ...

NASA sees Springs Fire rage Near Malibu, Calif.

Southern California firefighters were battling a growing, brush-fueled wildfire early Friday that had reached the beach in Ventura County and was pushing toward the upscale city of Malibu, according to NBCnews.com.

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