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Ethnic stacking keeps dictators in power

New research led by the University of St Andrews reveals how ethnic stacking in African countries helps keep authoritarian leaders in power.

How climate change contributes to global violence

Alvarez studies collective and interpersonal violence. From 2001 until 2003 he was the founding director of the Martin-Springer Institute for Teaching the Holocaust, Tolerance, and Humanitarian Values. His latest book, "Unstable ...

White flight may still enforce segregation

As the population of people of color grows across the United States, white Americans are still prone to move when neighborhoods diversify, and their fears and stereotypical beliefs about other racial and ethnic groups may ...

Women in many poor households excluded from education

One in six of the world's poor (215 million) live in households where no female has completed six years of school, but at least one male has, according to new figures on global poverty released today by the United Nations ...

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