New technology maps where and how cells read their genome

A new study published in Nature reports that a technology known as spatial omics can be used to map simultaneously how genes are switched on and off and how they are expressed in different areas of tissues and organs. This ...

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Epigenome is equivalent to genome in epigenetics. Epigenetics is one of the current topics in cancer research drawing active research. Human tumors undergo a major disruption of DNA methylation and histone modification patterns. The aberrant epigenetic landscape of the cancer cell is characterized by a massive genomic hypomethylation, CpG island promoter hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes, an altered histone code for critical genes and a global loss of monoacetylated and trimethylated histone H4.

Much of the subject matter is not yet fully understood. Some people have suggested a Human Epigenome Project.[citation needed]

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