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NASA says delayed Moon rocket passed fueling test

NASA said Wednesday it had successfully trialed the fueling process for its new rocket, after technical issues a few weeks ago halted two attempts to get the behemoth off the ground and headed towards the Moon.

A closer look at third-hand smoke and its risks

Using state-of-the-art techniques, researchers have gained a better understanding of the complex mix of hazardous chemicals in third-hand smoke—the residual contamination from cigarette smoking—which can linger long after ...

How to keep kids curious: Five questions answered

Kids are naturally curious. But various forces in the environment can dampen their curiosity over time. Can anything be done to keep kids' curiosity alive? For answers to this question, The Conversation U.S. turned to Perry ...

Using artificial intelligence to improve tuberculosis treatments

Imagine you have 20 new compounds that have shown some effectiveness in treating a disease like tuberculosis (TB), which affects 10 million people worldwide and kills 1.5 million each year. For effective treatment, patients ...

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