How to successfully implement digital strategies

In our digital age, companies need more than just a digital footprint to get ahead of the game. Increasingly, many companies—both large and small, established or start-ups—are implementing digital strategies. In implementing ...

Forgiveness and well-being at work can boost employee morale

A new theoretical contribution to the research literature published in the International Journal of Business Excellence looks at workplace "forgiveness" and employee wellbeing and happiness. The analysis of the various factors ...

Finding the perfect employee

There is an eternal question when hiring: "Is this person really the right fit?" Even if a candidate has the skills for the job, does their personality fit the company culture? Do their goals align with those of the organization? ...

Employer surveillance during COVID has damaged trust

Increasing use of staff surveillance by employers during the COVID-19 pandemic endangers trust in the workplace, according to a major new report by the University of St Andrews.

Honesty and ethics not well explained by managers in New Zealand

The majority of employees in New Zealand are confident their organizations are honest and there is no misconduct at work, but their line managers don't always explain the importance of honesty and ethics in the work they ...

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Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee. An employee may be defined as:

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