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New method unravels the mystery of slow electrons

Slow electrons are used in cancer therapy as well as in microelectronics. It is very hard to observe how they behave in solids. But scientists at TU Wien have made this possible.

Electron vortices in graphene detected for the first time

When an ordinary electrical conductor—such as a metal wire—is connected to a battery, the electrons in the conductor are accelerated by the electric field created by the battery. While moving, electrons frequently collide ...

Researchers visualize quantum effects in electron waves

One of the most fundamental interactions in physics is that of electrons and light. In an experiment at Goethe University Frankfurt, scientists have now managed to observe what is known as the Kapitza-Dirac effect for the ...

Combating counterfeiting: Advanced hologram protection invented

Counterfeiting of various documents, banknotes, or tickets is a common problem that can be encountered in everyday life, even when shopping. Recognizing the scale and seriousness of the problem, researchers at Kaunas University ...

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