Researchers worry about Census' gap in 2020 survey data

Researchers are worried about coronavirus-related disruptions to one of the U.S. Census Bureau's most important surveys about how Americans live, saying a gap in the 2020 data will make it more difficult to understand the ...

Distance learning skills are learnable

In the last 18 months, the coronavirus pandemic has made distance learning somewhat of a norm in almost all education levels. In the national surveys on students, the respondents often mention lack of motivation. During distance ...

The pension system can increase inequality

Those who are rich also live longer. Pension systems that ignore this may cause a redistribution from the bottom to the top, say studies by TU Wien (Vienna).

What Facebook can tell us about dietary choices

Lifestyle changes for demand-side climate change mitigation is gaining more and more importance and attention. A new IIASA-led study set out to understand the full potential of behavior change and what drives such changes ...

Unequal paths to recovery as economy reopens

Low-income workers are almost twice as likely to be laid-off or furloughed as high-income workers, according to a new UCL study examining income and consumption effects of COVID-19.

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