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Microsoft takes Office into the 'cloud' (Update)

Microsoft took its Office software into the Internet "cloud" on Tuesday, moving the suite of popular business tools online amid budding competition from Google's Web-based products.

Yandex poised for $1.3 bln Nasdaq debut: report

Russian Internet giant Yandex is set to raise $1.3 billion in an initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq on Tuesday, exceeding expectations, the New York Times reported.

Social-media tools used to target corporate secrets

Not long after airstrikes began in Libya earlier this month, certain attorneys at four U.S. law firms, known for having high-profile clients in the oil industry, each received a personally addressed e-mail message.

Technology companies vie to bring Web to cars

As drivers grow unwilling to unplug from the connected world during their jaunts across town, technology firms are racing to bring the Web into the car.

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