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NuTonomy to test self-driving cars in Boston

NuTonomy, a startup that makes driverless vehicles, says it will start testing its self-driving cars on public streets in Boston by the end of the year.

Autonomous cars—"new oil" or "big brother"?

Just like credit cards, smartphones or search engines, autonomous cars will carry a trove of information about their owners as they make driving more comfortable, raising new concerns about privacy.

Enhancing the reliability of artificial intelligence

Computers that learn for themselves are with us now. As they become more common in 'high-stakes' applications like robotic surgery, terrorism detection and driverless cars, researchers ask what can be done to make sure we ...

Driverless taxi hits lorry in Singapore trial

A car taking part in the world's first public trial of driverless taxis was slightly damaged on Tuesday when it collided with a lorry in Singapore, its operator said.

Why self-driving Uber cars look so geeky

Qawiyah Muhammad can see her own future. Literally. An Uber driver in Pittsburgh, she knows that one day her job will be replaced by a robot car. She knows the robot cars are coming because she sometimes spots experimental ...

Uber launches groundbreaking driverless car service

Uber launched a groundbreaking driverless car service Wednesday, jumping ahead of Detroit auto giants and Silicon Valley rivals with technology that could revolutionize transportation.

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