Bison decapitated, three missing from Spanish reserve

Spanish police were on Tuesday investigating the decapitation of a European bison and the disappearance of three others from a nature reserve which was set to start a breeding programme for the species.

Overcrowding forces pheasants to cooperate in Hawaii

"Survival of the fittest" usually means that animals put their own needs first, but occasionally it pays to work together. A new study in The Auk: Ornithological Advances describes an unusual example of cooperative breeding ...

Fish camouflage sends mixed messages to aggro males

Colour-changing fish have only one skin, but they use it to communicate social status, attract mates, avoid predators and more. So what happens when those functions collide?

How badgers get ahead in game of life

New research has shown that badgers, one of Ireland's most iconic wild creatures, roll the dice in their sex lives to gain an all-important edge in the game of life.

Orangutan females prefer dominant, cheek-padded males

Unlike most mammals, mature male orangutans exhibit different facial characteristics: some develop large "cheek pads" on their faces; other males do not. A team of researchers studied the difference in reproductive success ...

Mountain gorilla mamas sidestep having inbred offspring

Some mountain gorilla females linger into adulthood in the group into which they were born. In the process they also remain in the company of their father, who is often their group's dominant male. To curb inbreeding, though, ...

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