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Genetic analysis uncovers four species of giraffe, not just one

Up until now, scientists had only recognized a single species of giraffe made up of several subspecies. But, according to the most inclusive genetic analysis of giraffe relationships to date, giraffes actually aren't one ...

Genetic analysis supports elevating Cape Parrot to new species

In support of previous research, the Cape Parrot should be elevated to the species level, according to a new genetic analysis study publish August 12, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Willem Coetzer from University ...

A new species of hummingbird?

The Bahama Woodstar is a hummingbird found in the Bahamas, and comprises two subspecies. One of these, Calliphlox evelynae evelynae, is found throughout the islands of the Bahamas, and especially in the northern islands. ...

Huge insect diversity revealed by genetic technologies

( —The diversity of plants, mammals and birds in Australia is well-known, but scientists have very little idea of how many hundreds of thousands of species of Australian insects exist.

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