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Deep ocean warming as climate changes

Much of the "excess heat" stored in the subtropical North Atlantic is in the deep ocean (below 700m), new research suggests.

Mars astronauts will create fuel by having a shower

When astronauts begin exploring Mars, they will face numerous challenges. Aside from the time and energy it takes to get there and all the health risks that come with long-duration missions in space, there are also the hazards ...

The seasonality of oceanic carbon cycling

The ebb and flow of carbon within Earth's systems are complex and ever-moving occurrences. Carbon is a nomadic element, traveling between the atmosphere, ocean, and the soil, rock, and ice of the planet, changing forms along ...

Probing the mysteries of deep, dense Antarctic seawater

In the deepest reaches of the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica lies the Antarctic Bottom Water, a mass of the coldest, densest lower layer of water in Earth's oceans. Antarctic Bottom Water plays a key role in the circulation ...

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