Ebola-fighting protein discovered in human cells

Researchers have discovered a human protein that helps fight the Ebola virus and could one day lead to an effective therapy against the deadly disease, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.

How bats carry viruses without getting sick

Bats are known to harbor highly pathogenic viruses like Ebola, Marburg, Hendra, Nipah, and SARS-CoV, and yet they do not show clinical signs of disease. In a paper published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe on February ...

S. Korea confirms more cases of deadly bird flu

South Korea Wednesday revealed new cases of a deadly strain of bird flu as authorities said they had slaughtered two million chickens and ducks in a bid to control the outbreak.

Vaccines hitch genomic ride to ward off deadly chicken disease

A new study from University of California, Davis, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture describes how vaccines work against a deadly virus in chickens, and could offer a model for related human diseases such as chickenpox.

Scientist develops a rapid test for the Hendra virus in horses

Horses suspected of carrying the deadly Hendra virus will have results in ten minutes rather than up to 36 hours, thanks to a rapid diagnostic test developed by University of the Sunshine Coast researcher, Joanna Kristoffersen.

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