Struggling with privacy tradeoffs in digital era

Would you allow your insurance company to monitor your driving for a discount? Or let a "smart thermostat" save energy by tracking your family's movements around your home?

Google ups ante, nearly doubles bet on renewable energy

Google is nearly doubling the amount of renewable energy feeding its massive data centers that enable more than 1 billion people to search for information, watch video clips and communicate virtually anytime they want.

Amazon flies high in the Internet cloud

Amazon is widely known for its prowess as an online retail colossus, but is also thriving when it comes to sending business aloft in the Internet cloud.

Data privacy in app-verse challenging: study

US smartphone users are anxious to protect their private data, but it can be challenging in a massive system of applications with various policies and technical needs.

Amazon's cloud computing business to add UK data center

Amazon continues to pump money into its cloud-computing business, announcing plans Friday to open a cluster of massive data centers in the United Kingdom at the end of next year or in early 2017.

Apple cleaning up act in China with more renewable energy

Apple is cleaning up its manufacturing operations in China to reduce the air pollution caused by the factories that have assembled hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads during the past eight years.

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