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Did a burning oil spill wipe out the dinosaurs?

Sixty six million years ago, the dinosaurs suddenly disappeared, along with most of the species on the planet. The extinction occurred at precisely the same time that a giant asteroid struck the Earth. The fact that the two ...

Nanostructures grown on fabric can mop up oil spills

Oil spills at sea, on the land and in your own kitchen could one day easily be mopped up with a new multipurpose fabric covered with semi-conducting nanostructures, developed by a team of researchers from QUT, CSIRO and RMIT.

Biodiesel in a caustic flash

Biodiesel represents a potentially cleaner and more sustainable fuel than those derived from crude oil. Now, scientists have developed a high-speed conversion that turns waste cooking oil into fuel using ultrasound and caustic ...

Catalysts for heavy oil extraction developed

Projected heavy oil and viscous oil reserves in Russia are up to 40 to 50 billion barrels and a significant portion of that volume lies within Tatarstan. Heavy oil extraction requires special technological processes, and ...

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