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2023: A year of climate extremes

The year 2023 was full of climate extremes. The global average temperature this year was 1.48 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average. At the same time, there were exceptional heat waves and droughts, extreme storms ...

Report: Warmer planet will trigger increased farm losses

Extreme heat is already harming crop yields, but a new report quantifies just how much that warming is cutting into farmers' financial security. For every 1 degree Celsius of warming, yields of major crops like corn, soybeans ...

Study quantifies how aquifer depletion threatens crop yields

Three decades of data have informed a new Nebraska-led study that shows how the depletion of groundwater—the same that many farmers rely on for irrigation—can threaten food production amid drought and drier climes.

Wearable sensors for advanced plant phenotyping

In response to increasing global food demands, improving crop yields through efficient phenotyping is imperative. Optical imaging-based phenotyping has markedly progressed plant breeding and crop management, yet encounters ...

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