Rare crane a boost to Taiwan's troubled wetlands

It has a Facebook page, two books and its own brand of rice. A Siberian crane that landed in Taiwan after getting lost on migration over a year ago even made international headlines when it was found wandering outside a train ...

Whooping cranes' predatory behavior key for adaptation, survival

The whooping crane, with its snowy white plumage and trumpeting call, is one of the most beloved American birds, and one of the most endangered. As captive-raised cranes are re-introduced in Louisiana, they are gaining a ...

Captive whooping cranes released into the wild

Four whooping crane chicks raised in captivity began their integration into the wild Saturday as part of the continuing effort to increase the wild population of this endangered species.

First light for Onsala Space Observatory

The 20-metre radio telescope at Onsala Space Observatory, is getting a new lease of life thanks to an upgrade of its protective radome.

Mammoth tusk lifted from Seattle construction pit

To the sound of cheers, a fossilized mammoth tusk found in a Seattle construction site has been retrieved from a 30-foot-deep pit in downtown Seattle, and it's on its way to a museum.

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