British astronaut hails 'groundbreaking' Airbus satellite

British astronaut Tim Peake on Monday hailed a "groundbreaking" satellite being built by Airbus which its developers say will bring an unprecedented level of flexibility to space telecommunications.

US company aims to 'harvest' asteroids

A US company said Tuesday it plans to send a fleet of spacecraft into the solar system to mine asteroids for metals and other materials in the hopes of furthering exploration of the final frontier.

SpaceX launch good for NASA, not private firm (Update)

A private rocket successfully sent a capsule full of cargo zipping toward the International Space Station in a first of its kind delivery for NASA, but couldn't deliver on job No. 2: putting a commercial satellite into the ...

Japan enters commercial space race

Japan will put a commercial satellite into space on Friday, officials said, in its first foray into the European- and Russian-dominated world of contract launches.

NASA to demonstrate communications via laser beam

It currently takes 90 minutes to transmit high-resolution images from Mars, but NASA would like to dramatically reduce that time to just minutes. A new optical communications system that NASA plans to demonstrate in 2016 ...

Vega flight takes satellites to space

Today (Oct. 10) at 22:36 local time (02:36 BST, 03:36 CEST) the 23rd Vega flight saw its two main satellites launched and released into Earth orbit. The rocket's main passengers were the Earth observing THEOS-2 satellite ...

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