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Nature and climate crises: Two sides of the same coin

A changing climate means changing habitats. This in turn further intensifies the effects of climate change that cause biodiversity loss. To stop this cycle, researchers are looking to nature-based solutions.

Reforestation could help save coral reefs from catastrophe

Increasing reforestation efforts in coastal regions could substantially reduce the amount of sediment run-off reaching coral reefs and improve their resilience, a University of Queensland-led study has found.

Linking humans with blue carbon ecosystems

Social vulnerabilities of coastal communities and their reliance on blue carbon ecosystem services may be improved by addressing three major factors, according to a study led by Hokkaido University researchers.

Coastal ecosystems worldwide: Billion-dollar carbon reservoirs

Australia's coastal ecosystems alone save the rest of the world around $23 billion US a year by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. This is according to calculations just published by researchers at the Kiel Institute for ...

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