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Why we need a blue carbon investment roadmap

As the world's scientists research ways to slow the ongoing impact of climate change, blue carbon continues to surface as an effective natural climate solution.

Protecting species for the good of global climate

When the global community is expected to meet for the second part of the UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming, China, in autumn, it must also adopt the next generation of UN biodiversity targets. These will then replace ...

Sustainable future for coastal fisheries in the Baltic sea

In the western Baltic Sea, coastal fisheries are closely linked to the economic development of coastal communities and the impacts of climate change with the increasing loss of biodiversity. For a sustainable future of fisheries, ...

Study shows most efficient ways to capture invasive lionfish

Although time is in short supply in the war against the lionfish invasion in the Atlantic and Caribbean, a University of Alberta study suggests taking time to plan the where, when and who of this fight will give wildlife ...

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