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Black holes raze thousands of stars to fuel growth

In some of the most crowded parts of the universe, black holes may be tearing apart thousands of stars and using their remains to pack on weight. This discovery, made with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, could help answer ...

Study inspects properties of four galactic open clusters

Using data from ESA's Gaia space observatory, astronomers from the Istanbul University in Turkey have inspected four galactic open clusters. Results of this research, available in a paper published April 16 on the arXiv pre-print ...

Image: Giant elliptical galaxy UGC 10143

This new NASA Hubble Space Telescope image spotlights the giant elliptical galaxy, UGC 10143, at the heart of galaxy cluster Abell 2147, about 486 million light-years away in the head of the constellation Serpens. UGC 10143 ...


A cluster is a small group or bunch of something.

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