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Researchers find unusual heat resilience in tree swallows

Tree swallows use behavioral and physiological mechanisms to handle rising temperatures, and their story is an optimistic example of how some species successfully respond to climate change, at least for now.

New satellite dataset sheds light on Earth's plant growth

Gross Primary Production (GPP), the process through which plants convert carbon dioxide and sunlight into glucose and oxygen, is the Earth's largest carbon flux. Accurate quantification of GPP is crucial for understanding ...

Study reveals flood mud burden on Moreton Bay

University of Queensland sampling during and after the February 2022 Brisbane River flood has sounded a warning about the future of Moreton Bay with climate change predicted to bring more extreme weather.

A new way to quantify climate change impacts: 'Outdoor days'

For most people, reading about the difference between a global average temperature rise of 1.5 C versus 2 C doesn't conjure up a clear image of how their daily lives will actually be affected. So, researchers at MIT have ...

Training drones to detect greenhouse gas sources

How do you map something that is both invisible and odorless? Researchers at the University of Oslo have trained drones to find the best places to measure greenhouse gases on their own.

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